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Test Number:
  • 0060149
Test Alias:
  • Sputum Fungus Culture
  • Fungus Culture
Preferred Specimen:
  • oral,nose,nasopharynx,ear,eye,wound in swab transport
Container Type:
Alternative Specimen:
Collection Instructions:
  • Collect specimen using culture swab transport medium. Use sterile plastic container for body fluids, bone marrow, CSF, urine, contact lens fluid and/or contact lens. Please indicate the source of the specimen in the comments field on the requisition and also on the specimen container.

    Transport and store hair, skin and nail specimens, blood transport swabs and specimens submitted on media at room temperature. Transport swabs are stable for 72 hours at room temperature. Hair, skin and nail specimens are stable for 2 weeks at room temperature. Blood specimens in Myco/F Lytic bottles are stable at room temperature for up to 48 hours after collection. Transport unpreserved specimens other than hair, skin, nail, blood and transport swabs refrigerated. Stability is 72 hours refrigerated.

Transport Temperature:
  • Room temperature
Specimen Stability:
  • Refrigerate respiratory specimens that are contaminated with oropharyng flora; other specimens should be at room temperature.
  • Microscopic Exam with Calcofluor White Stain (KOH) • Culture, Isolation and Identification
CPT Code:
  • 87101
Reject Criteria:
  • Received frozen • Specimen in formalin • Serum
Reference Range:
Report Available:
  • 30 days

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