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Test Number:
  • 0060152
Test Alias:
  • Includes: Mycobacteria Culture; Concentration; Acid-Fast Bacilli Stain
Preferred Specimen:
  • Sputum
Container Type:
  • Sterile Cup
Alternative Specimen:
  • Swabs with transport media (Amies, Stuarts) acceptable, but not optimal
  • 10 mL
Collection Instructions:
  • Sputum: Instruct the patient to gargle with water and to cough deeply to collect 5-10 mL of a respiratory specimen into a sterile leak-proof container. Induced sputum: Have patient rinse mouth with water after brushing gums and tongue. With the aid of a nebulizer have patient inhale approximately 25 mL of 3-10% sterile saline. Instruct patient to cough deeply and collect 5-10 mL of specimen in a sterile leak-proof container. Bronchial lavage, bronchial wash, or tracheal aspirate: Transfer 5-10 mL of an aspirate or wash into a sterile, leak-proof container. Place brush into sterile, leak-proof container with small amount of sterile saline/sterile water to prevent it from drying. Lung biopsy: Transport in sterile leak-proof container with a small volume of sterile saline/sterile water to prevent tissue from drying.

    For body fluids: Sterile screw-capped container, plastic centrifuge tube. If bloody, use SPS (yellow-top) or sodium heparin (green-top) tube. Requested volume is as much as possible. CSF: 2 mL in a sterile screw-cap container, plastic vial or tube. Urine: 50 mL random urine, random clean catch, catheterized urine, or first void catch urine in a sterile screw-cap container. Gastric lavage fluid: 5-10 mL in a sterile screw-cap container. Must be neutralized with sodium bicarbonate within 4 hours of collection.

    Tissue and biopsy material: Sterile screw-cap container with small amount of saline, no fixative, or preservative. Requested volume is as much as possible. Feces: 10 g feces in clean dry, wax-free container.

Transport Temperature:
  • Refridgerated
Specimen Stability:
  • Room temperature: Unacceptable
  • Refrigerated: 5 days
  • Frozen: Unacceptable
  • Continuous Monitoring Broth Culture System and Conventional Culture • Microscopic Exam with Fluoro
CPT Code:
  • 87015
  • 87116
  • 87206
Reject Criteria:
  • Dry swab • Expired swab transport • Specimen in formalin or alcohol • A bagged specimen that has leaked out and contaminated the exterior of the container • 24-hour pooled sputum or urine • Urine in Boricon tube
Reference Range:
Report Available:
  • about 21 days

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